ICO Strategy advisory

Conducting a successful ICO has become a huge challenge. As the current statistics are demonstrating, investors are becoming more advanced and cautious in their investments. Thus, companies aiming to raise capital through the issuance of tokens, have to be prepared perfectly in order to prevent shortfalls in the process. Rushing into a weakly prepared ICO consequently will lead to bad reputation and finally into a lack of investments.


In order to perform a successful ICO, Eleva Services has compiled an end-to-end solution together within Eleva Business System. Together we offer a one-stop-shop service, ranging from the development of a business and financial plan, technical whitepaper development, legal set-up, token structuring and development, set-up of a compliant and secure TGE/ICO solution, to investors road shows and public promotion to liquidation of the raised cryptocurrencies into FIAT currencies.


Combined with other Eleva Business System Spheres, we undertake end-to-end project management and often work with founders to help establish the venture, structure the company and negotiate with multiple venture stakeholders.


All the ventures we work with must be submitted to an extensive due diligence and a detailed strategic and product planning review to ensure that TGE/ICO campaigns are based on disruptive, yet viable model.