our beliefs

Eleva Partners is a global formation of visionaries, entrepreneurs and technologists organized to create a distributed abundant future.



As society starts to understand the great possibilities that blockchain technology brings, positive discussions are flourishing all over the world and new global frameworks to think about how mankind can take advantage of all the benefits of this remarkable technology that are emerging.

These discussions are being held in global forums, governments, private organizations, universities and startups. Ranging from conceptual to practical an important aspect of them is that they are, as the blockchain itself, open sourced. This means that an individual or a group of individuals can with some organization effort join and shape the course of these discussions.


abundant future

Blockchain technology evolved from the protocol behind the Bitcoin, the digital crypto currency, to the technology with the potential to take on today’s most pressing global challenges like wealth inequality, education access and ultimately control over each one’s life and future.

With this technology and with engaged individuals, we firmly believe that is possible to create a distributed abundant future.


individuality and privacy

The Eleva Partners idea was born as a group of self-sovereign individuals,
aware of the opportunities to make an impact in the world with their talents and

Creating a future that gives every person the chance to fulfill their potential without losing their individuality and control over their identity, assets, values and beliefs.