Business Model review

How you create value for your customers network? Who you deliver the value created? How do you monetize value? What incentives scheme are embedded in your business model?

Risk Assessment

How are you reducing the risk and uncertainty of new business idea before you scale it up? How you are making sure that your customers really want your offer (desirability)? How does your team intend to build & implement it (feasibility)? How does your project team will raise more money than spend it (viability)? What are the critical development and implementation risks of your project? How are you addressing this risks?

Networked business model adherence

How scalable is your business model? How can you benefit of a network effect? Does your idea takes advantage of the decentralization opportunities brought by Blockchain technology?  

What are the governance and consensus protocols of your project idea? Is your decision making process aligned with your token model? What are the incentives of your business model that are leveraged by the Blockchain Technology? How the incentive mechanisms evolve as the network grows? 

Governance Design and Protocols