Fundraising Strategy

What are your funding sources? Who are the decision makers of these funding sources? How are you approaching to these investors?

Token Model

What is the role of the token in your project?

Technical White-paper Development

Who is developing your Whitepaper? How are the different team members, partners and suppliers involved on the whitepaper development? Who is reviewing the whitepaper? 

Does your ICO timeline considers the regulation evolution? How are you integrating the following aspects of your ICO: business design, technology development, legal structure, product/community marketing, whitepaper developing, releasing roadmap (code, token, wallets, etc.) and reporting?

ICO Process Planning and Monitoring (PMO)

Where is your project being incorporated as a company? How your token is classified by the regulator of your chosen geography? Who is validating your regulation adherence? What is your tax optimization structure? How the FIAT x Crypto conversion? What are formal instruments that will make your project be included on external exchanges (for Cryptos) and banks (for FIATs)?

Legal Clarification & Setup

Is your technology team publishing their code on open source platforms (e.g. Github)? Who is validating the code quality? Who is testing the code? What is your Blockchain strategy? 

Technology Due Diligence