ICO Concept & strategy

Does it really makes sense for your project to go for an ICO? Why? What are the other alternatives? If the answer is Yes, what is your ICO strategy? What approach and steps are best suited for your current situation and context? 

token design

What is the nature of your token? Is it essentially a cryptocurrency, used to pay for services on a platform or network? Does it representa participation in real assets or companies? Is it a token that represents access to the digital usage of a platform or a service? How your token makes your business model work more efficiently? 

Legal Framework

Where are you incorporating your company? Why? Are you aware of the pros and cons of this setup? What are the regulation that impacts your ICO? Can you offer your token in all countries that doesn't have mature crypto/token regulation? Are you are of the tax and the accounting requirements of your project once it gets operational?

What investors segments are you looking for? Can you sell tokens before the ICO? How? Is there any special segment of investor that have a better fit with your project than others? What is the best approach to an investor? How are you going to explain your project? 

investors network

What blockchain are you going to use? Public? Permissioned? Are you coding your project with a company or a internal team? How they are engaged with the business and legal team? Have your team stressed the alternatives technologies before starting to code?

Technology review

What is your ICO marketing strategy? How the ICO Marketing Campaign will evolve over the different phases of the project? What channels are you considering to use on our ICO? What content are you planning to deliver over this channels? How often? Who is going to send this messages? 

ICO Marketing and Promotion

Who are you interacting with in order to list your token? Are you considering to run the ICO with an Exchange? How you are engaging them with your team?  

Exchange Integrations