ICO Idea Assessment

Raising capital through an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has become very attractive, with early-stage startups raising millions within a short period of time. But, as there are constantly more companies moving into an ICO, it has also become more difficult to successfully raise money.

About 75% of the current ICOs are failing to reach their soft cap. Despite the increasing number of new investors entering this young asset “class”, the investments criteria are getting selective. The era of easily raising capital with only a fancy website and a white-paper is over.

In order to make good ICO candidates shine out of the mass, we are offering a comprehensive ICO assessment. Our assessment is conducted together with specialized ad-hoc professionals from Eleva Network, including:

-       Eleva Solutions on the legal and tax side;

-       Eleva Technology Labs on the technical side;

-       Eleva Capital on the funding strategy and investor relationship;

-       Eleva Exchange on exchange integrations;

-       Eleva Agency on marketing and campaign management;

The assessment is set up like a quality seal for investors, increasing the transparency for them to invest in an ICO with more transparency. For the project owner, going for pre-ICO investment rounds this means faster access to capital and qualified investors.

Therewith, we foster our clients projects to become a more successful ICO candidate by challenging the original idea, helping to shape a networked business model, explaining how and why it makes sense (or not!) to develop the idea on a Blockchain.

Only after that steps, it makes sense to further develop a complete business plan. At this point, we will help the team review all the relevant aspects of the ICO: create a thorough financial model, a top-notch technology deployment, a full legal clearance, a management team able to execute and a token which is structured to provide real benefit and return to investors.