how we work

Independent, yet interconnected business units define the Eleva Network. Each unit has its own purpose, a self-sustained business model with an independent profit and loss.

1. idea assessment

Eleva prioritizes founders with transforming ideas that decentralize markets, empower users and give then control over their assets. Ideas grounded in blockchain networks and platforms that enable individuals and organizations to
transact directly amongst each other, while reducing the power of gatekeepers and in other cases creating entirely new markets are the ones that typically have the best fit within our business system.

Our vision is that any idea should be evaluated and enriched with research and strategy formulation from the very beginning, so it achieves its highest potential.

2. raising capital

The Capital raising strategy is the second step. Depending on who is backing the business concept and its maturity it might be necessary to raise seed money and this is the primarily focus of this step. Normally, seed investment can be done to a private sale or traditional FF (Family and Friends) / Angel investors.

The key difference here is the possibility to issue a “project crypto currency” from the very beginning of the design phase. Although this is not a TGE (Token Generation Event) / ICO (Initial Coin Offering) it is a crypto currency registered on a blockchain that will be further burned (or not) to allow a wider group of investors to participate in a TGE/ICO.

3. staffing the right team

The changing nature of work and how people are taking control of their
professional life are creating new forms of work engagement.

As traditional relationships with the work and firms are given space to more flexible and smart arrangements, Eleva project management practices allow a part time commitment from qualified professionals. They are staffed within project team members that come from the units.

Eleva offers a decentralized, open market and inter-network for Professionals.

Asset managers and asset allocators in today’s economy must consider having a minimum exposure to crypto