creating an abundant distributed future


we believe in decentralization.


Wealth, health, safety and social inclusion should be abundant and accessible to every human being.


That's why eleva was born.


A group of self-sovereign individuals, aware of the opportunities to make an impact in the world with their talents and knowledge.


Pushing human limits to new frontiers.


Creating a future that gives them the chance to fulfill their potential without losing their individuality and the control over their identity, assets, values and beliefs.


Eleva Network

We work as an interconnected and independent formation of business units, taking advantage of the network effect brought by the multi-sided deal flow and access to the infrastructure, applications and practices available to the Eleva Partners.

Eleva Services is part of the Eleva Network.



Centrally Organized Distributed Executed

A fundamental component in how we work in a set of distributed self-organized teams is the Eleva C.O.D.E that encompasses the “rules of the game” nurturing behaviors and inter-partners dynamics that makes the business system run smoothly while keeping individuality.



The changing nature of work

Knowledge and expertises areas are grouped in nine independent, yet interconnected, cells represented by independent business units. They operate with an open-source protocol and collection of smart contracts for a decentralized market of coordinated services. External units and partners are easily integrated.


Eleva Services provides a turn key solution for your regulated ico


1.ICO IDEA Assessment and validation

The idea of an ICO should be carefully assessed and validated taking a 360 degree perspective. The business concept, products and services, team, advisors, community marketing, white paper drafting, project roadmap, legal structure, presence model, Token functionality, Token sale (and Pre-Sale), Proceeds conversion, Transparency reports and Post ICO community update. If you are new to the concept, we help you understand how an ICO can help fund your project.

2.Project idea Enrichment

Blockchain and the ICO markets are fast and volatile. New business models and ideas are being tested at a large scale, as well as technical research and developments. It is crucial before you go to an ICO to perform an extensive and qualified research to make sure your project is relevant to the market and also updated with the last technologies and advisors. We help you and your team by keeping them updated to the latest actionable information on the field. 

3.ICO Strategy advisory

Conceptualization, executive project design, experimental design, market test, are critical fundaments of a successful ICO.  We support the Business Plan Development, Financial Planning, the Technical White Paper Development, Legal Clarification & Set-up (set-up of Swiss legal entity if needed), Token Structuring, ICO Process Planning and ICO Process Monitoring.

4.Networked Business Model Design

A new perspective on business model design  is uniquely enabled by the combination of the internet and cryptocurrency. We call this the Networked Business Model Design.  We help you and your team create project’s extended economic ecosystems, a distributed business model with central protocols and shared ownership by all stakeholders, creating a new level playing field for your business idea. 

5.Business Prototyping lab

The realty check is always a key element of any ICO. We help you design the right experiment to test the key hypothesis behind your value proposition validating the offer and the business model that will ultimately help to increase the value of your token after the ICO. 

regulated ico advisory packages

The following packages attend clients seeking for a rapid crypto assessment and Whitepaper drafting (Pack 1), clients looking for an complete ICO preparation (Pack 2) and clients looking for full Regulated ICO campaigns (Pack 3).



Fixed Fee Price

2  Weeks


PRE-ICO Readiness

Fixed + Success Fee

6 - 8 Weeks 


FULL ICo Campaing

Fixed + Success Fee + Token Exchange

8 - 12 Weeks