What is an ICO?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering), also know as TGE (Token Generation Event) or ITO (Initial Token Offering) constitute an emerging way of fundraising on Blockchain. These fundraising mechanisms leverage the power of the decentralized technology via a digital token or coin that are issued and validated based on advanced cryptography techniques. These tokens are sold typically on crypto-currencies exchanges (exchanges where you can buy and sell digital tokens). Normally you buy the tokens for the ICOs with other major digital crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or FIAT money (EUR, USD, etc.).

As of 2018, ICOs are still unregulated in most parts of the world, except for some countries, like Switzerland, that are taking a more pro-active approach to understand how the regulation might contribute to economic development and innovation. 

What is a Blockchain?

Is a technology that brings substantial benefits in terms of speed, security, transparency, convenience and cost for value/asset exchange between unknown (or known) parties via a digital common ledger that is distributed across every parties on the network and maintained via strong cryptography and consensus mechanisms. Blockchain is well-suited for applications such as payments, financial asset transfers, smart contracts, ownership splits, notary services. The technology enables, in the end, the creation of new forms of human organization. 

What is DLT (Distributed Ledger TEchnology)

A distributed ledger is a database that is consensually shared and synchronized across a network distributed in multiple sites, institutions or geographies. It allows transactions to have public visibility making a cyberattack more difficult. Each network node can access the transactions records by owing a identical copy to the ledger. Any further additions made to ledger (e.g. new transactions) are immediately copied to all nodes (network participants). 

How can I launch an ICO in my country?

Each country has specific regulations for financial products and at this point in time only a few are more developed in terms of ICO regulation. It is important to understand if the countries that have a mature regulatory environment can host your regulated ICO without tax and compliance issues. 

Who will be working in my project?

Professionals from different geographies skilled in Blockchain technology and part of Eleva Network.

what are eleva partners current projects?

Eleva Partners is currently involved in initiatives in the following industries:

- Real Estate;

- Energy (Power);

- Entertainment;

and the Eleva Business Units Network development.