Eleva Network: A Decentralized Business system

As referenced above, the knowledge and expertise areas were grouped in nine business units that operates with an open-source protocol and collection of smart contracts for a decentralized market of coordinated services, the Eleva C.O.D.E..

This network enables new community-driven business models capable of disrupting the world’s largest technology incumbents.

There are nine Business Units , each one with a specific purpose and a set of products and services. They can operate independently or in connection with one or more BU's or external partners.

Eleva services

Support crypto assets and blockchain projects inception, prototyping, launch and follow-up. These projects are generally start-ups with disruptive business models seeking early stages funding

Eleva solutions

Help innovators with all regulatory and legal aspects of the projects, including compliance, tax and accounting

eleva technology

Supports all Tokens issuances and wallets, smart contract development, Blockchain platforms, decentralized apps, security development services and artificial intelligence

Constitutes a full-service platform that allows investors to easily invest and manage a crypto portfolio, varying from crypto currencies, security tokens and functional coins. Special products include private partnerships on selected projects

Eleva Capital

Early stage venture capital vehicle focused on companies developed within Eleva platform or companies with disruptive potential

Eleva Ventures

Offers crypto exchange consulting services, a crypto trading desk and a external exchange and payment gateways integrations

Eleva Exchange

Offers crypto marketing services, public relations, advisors introductions, graphic design and digital channel management for the projects.

Eleva Agency

Offers training and education on Blockchain and crypto economy, technology and other relevant related disciplines. Keynotes and speeches from the business system partners and externals are offered as well.

Eleva Academy

Offers self-development methodologies, coach sessions, skill set development programs and access to the community building tools and work opportunities tailor for each partner talent and availability.

Eleva People