Networked business model design

A fundamental aspect of the Blockchain and a possibility created by this technology is a new form of human organization. Once it is possible to securely move value around, in the form of tokens, extended or networked business models will appear.


Tokens will allow not only the capital raising but also the chance to be used to directly pay the contributions of the ecosystem participants.


Tokens are also the currency that will be used in the application itself.


Projects will create their own economic ecosystems to make the entire network more robust, efficient and self-incentivized.


This is about an entirely new business model that is being created and experimented for the first time: a distributed business model or a networked business model. This model, with no central controlling entity (eventually), but with shared contributions and ownership by all stakeholders, is uniquely enabled by the combination of Internet, Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies (Tokens).


Any project that starts with an extended network perspective has greater chances to succeed due to an intrinsic number of participants with shared interests.