Blockchain/Crypto Expert Interviews

Are you talking with leading voices on your industry innovation centers? Do you manage to involve blockchain experts on your project research?

Development Hubs Research Trips

Have you visited locations with concentrated experts on blockchain (e.g. Zug, Singapore)? Did you interact with companies leaders regarding their development? have you meet research specialists? Are you incorporating insights from development hubs on a regular bases in your project? Are you inviting the key people you've meet to participate on your project? What are you offering them? 

Blockchain/Crypto Secondary Research

What are the secondary sources used by you/your team to research about your blockchain project/business idea? How often you use the information gathered on these sources on your project? Do you research whitepapers frequently? How do you assess the quality of your research sources?   

What is the purpose of your whitepaper? Who is supposed to be impacted by it? What actions do you intend your readers to undertake? Is your whitepaper properly written according to your project business model and intend audience? 

White-papers Analysis

Who is you interacting with in order to promote your project? What audience does this people reach?

Specialized media coverage